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Alesha, Who Smiles at Death - 40

Our 40th show! This week in celebration of our 40th episode we split up brewing Alesha and her hybrid triggered ability with Sean taking Red/White and Andy taking Red/Black. They each discuss the merits and downfalls of two colours verses three and manage to get some sweet decks out of the limitations!

Also this week, Massdrop has given us a box of MODERN MASTERS 2015! Pay attention to our twitter @commandersbrew all week to learn how to win a custom deck built by us out of cards we crack from a MM15 box all courtesy of @massdrop! Here's a spoiler: sign up for a Massdrop account and tell us your username! Simple as that!

Of course we are still sponsored by our good friends over at Wizard's Tower, so head on over to for all your Magic needs! Great prices on singles and free shipping on cards within Canada if you spend $15! Plus if you use our coupon code, towerofbrews, you'll get 5% off any order over $15!

Check out the decks we've brewed on

Follow us on twitter at @commandersbrew and individually we are @seantabares and @andyhullbone.

Listen on iTunes or via direct download or just hit play below!

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