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Ravnica Lasagna Potluck!

We recently found out that Lazav, Dimir Mastermind has a great lasagna recipe! Wondering what all the other guilds do for the annual Ravnica Lasagna Potluck? Wonder no more!


It's all about the secret ingredients! The one they least want you to figure out? Love!


Instead of one big pan, they make dozens in cupcake tins and bring them out in great numbers! They'll freeze some too, just in case they need some extra for a populate potluck!


Real simple. Throw everything in a pan, cook at 700 degrees for four minutes, eat without utensils.


Is that mold or ricotta? Eat it or not, it's coming back for tomorrow's supper


One giant lasagna, three feet by three feet by one foot. Must be eaten in a group.


Was that lasagna good? Did we mention it was poisoned? Don't worry, we'll give you a good price on the antidote.


Look at all these ingredients! There's a lasagna in there somewhere! Just keep eating!


Lasagna powdered and made into smoothies! All the nutrients, no chewing!


This is the actual size of 280 calories of lasagna. Don't forget to drink water.


It may look like leaves and mud, but it's technically lasagna because it's layered.

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