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Valentine's Day - 29

Get it? Valentines... Heart? Ok, sorry.

It's that time of year of grab some chocolates, a stupidly big teddy bear and a 12 long stem roses... and our latest EDH decks! This week Sean build a love themed deck with Basandra, Battle Seraph and Andy struggles with a heartbreak-themed build led by Mogis, God of Slaughter!

Plus some exciting news! We are now sponsored! We're sp excited to team up with Wizard's Tower, one of our go to online stores for our EDH decks!

Head on over to for all your Magic needs! Great prices on singles and free shipping on cards within Canada! Plus if you use our coupon code, towerofbrews, you'll get 5% off any order over $15!

Prize giveway: 3 packs of OGW to a random iTunes reviewer starting NOW! Between Tuesday, February 10th and Tuesday, February 17th, if you leave us a rating and a review on iTunes you'll automatically be entered in a draw to win 3 OGW packs! Get reviewing and good luck!

Check out the decks we've brewed on

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