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November 7, 2019

You can find this and our other decks on TCGplayer!

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TCG Link: http://bit.ly/E218Shalai

On top of American listeners getting our decks from TCGplayer...

July 17, 2019

This week Sean dispels the myths about weak mono-White decks with a very intimidating and tough to deal with flying tribal deck with the brand new M20 Commander, Sephara Sky's Blade. Spirits and Angels unite in this blinding white light of victory!

Check out the decklis...

March 17, 2016

Sparked by a tweet from our pal Sean "Dimir" Whatson over at Commanderin', Sean and Andy brew budget decks with Legendary creatures that are usually surrounded by very expensive decks and are themselves very expensive. So taking on the challenge, Andy brews with Kaalia...

March 17, 2016

 Precon Month is going strong with week four, Boros! Certainly the precon in the back of the pack, but Andy and Sean take lackluster commanders and make delicious commander-ade!


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